The Best Options for the Tax Preperation

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Every self-employed worker or contractor must keep an account. For some, it is a pleasant activity, while for others, it is a necessary evil. If you are part of this last group, you can call an accounting professional or Tax Preparation Service to help you. Who is it better to contact? We enlighten you on the question.

The usefulness of an expert

Sole proprietorships, corporations, self-employed persons with primary or secondary activity, VAT-exempt or not: your accounts must be in good standing each year. You will be ready in case of possible control. What’s more, you’ll be able to see how much profit you make, what activities generate the most revenue and what your biggest expenses are.

Good to know: your accountant’s bills are a deductible business expense.

The accountant and the accountant

Accountants are professionals who provide you with advice on accounting and business management. Often the two terms are used interchangeably, but do not tell an accountant that he is an accountant.

The difference

An accountant performs an execution job first. It draws up your accounts, balance sheets and / or annual accounts in accordance with an ethics based on independence, honesty, professional responsibility and professional secrecy. An accountant can also complete your tax return.

The tax accountants tucson az, meanwhile, have mainly a control mission. They check the annual accounts prepared by the accountants and generally have a broader knowledge of taxation. It is therefore true that a chartered accountant can perform all the activities of an accountant, but not the other way around.

Company auditor

The auditors verify, as impartial experts, the accounts of a company. Companies that meet the legal criteria are legally required to submit their annual accounts to a company auditor, but you can also do so on a voluntary basis. The auditor guarantees the reliability of the annual accounts and thus gives a true and fair view of the company’s assets, financial position and results.

Good to know: only consult a professional recognized and affiliated with a professional institute: You will have the guarantee that your expert has the necessary titles and that he has followed a continuous training. In addition, it is insured in case of problems. You can search at Google with tax preparation services near me and get instant results.


If you prefer to entrust your accounting to a domain expert, first choose the type of expert you need. Make an appointment with a number of recognized professionals – the first appointment is usually free – and then chooses the best option. You will find that an expert will not only help you understand the numbers and your legal obligations, but will also optimize your income so you pay less tax.